On Shooting with a LEICA M6

My real choice is to still work with film and my trusty LEICA M6 mounted with a Summicron – M 1:2/50 mm lens.  I think the dirty little secret of the photography industry is that film is still better,  though a few problems,  like depleted silver content in the stock by some manufacturers,  appears to affect the tonal range,  and contrast of a negative and finished print.  The thing about the 50 ‘normal’ lens,  is that it forces you to really look to capture essential information in the frame.  Wide angle lenses are fine,  but much easier to get ‘everything’ without being particularly selective as to what is most important in terms of conveying your point of view.  I like the challenge.  The LEICA feels wonderful in my  hand,  and makes a good traveling companion.   I will qualify the choice with the fact that I only use it for my personal and Humanitarian work.  When shooting with an older M series LEICA it feels as if you’re driving a Ferrari.  I find myself running ahead of myself,  when shooting on the street, and it takes a certain amount of self-control to not take corners too quickly.  Isn’t that a JOY?


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